Vision Boards: Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success
Barbara Pellegrino

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The "Secret" to Living Your Dreams
Vision Board Journal

Vision Board Journal
12 Month Guide:
- What to put on your board
- What to focus on every 30 days.
- How to get fast results
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Learn How To Create Your Best Vision Board Today.

Barbara Pellegrino - Vision Board Creator & Expert

Barbara Pellegrino, CEO
Creative Living Seminars
Here to guide you through manifestation of plenty through your Vision Board

Deepak Chopra & Barbara Pellegrino January 2008
Deepak Chopra & Barbara Pellegrino 1-29-2008!

You will learn how easily and simply,  the Universal Law of Attraction works when you can SEE your goals, use your IMAGINATION  and set YOUR MIND in the right direction towards your dreams coming true right now.

Vision Boards created in Barbara Pellegrino's classYou will create a vision/dream board of your goals and dreams in 7 Easy Steps and use practical mind skills to manifest your dreams.

Normal goal setting is predominantly a left brain and somewhat tedious activity.  And doesn't always work! We combine powerful visual images with written goals for faster, better, more accurate results.

Vision Board Treasure Mapping is a powerful manifesting tool that utilizes both hemispheres of your brain to make your road to achievement faster, more accurate and holistic.

With this proven technique,
you will discover how easily and simply you can achieve your goals
and understand the Universal Law of Attraction.

Barbara Pellegrino - Vision Board Creator & Expert
Barbara Pellegrino

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