Vision Boards: Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success
Barbara Pellegrino

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What people are saying about:
Barbara Pellegrino's "Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success"

"Barbara, I'm living a life of abundance and enjoying everything I've ever wished for.  Thanks for all of your wonderful help and guidance."

 - Mercedes, Huntington Beach, California
"Your workshop has certainly changed me, its given me a lot of focus and is helping me make the right moves towards achieving my goals and dreams. Thank you."

 - Patrick,  Melbourne,  Australia
"Barbaraís Treasure Mapping has changed my life!
I've been making Vision Boards for many years now. Barbara's wisdom and insights to attract what you want has taken this work to an entirely new level."
 - Shaari, CEO of Trilite Research LLC
Barbara's work is very inspiring and thought provoking, itís really made me focus on what I want in my life in the future and how to best manifest it.

 - Kehau, Honolulu, Hawaii
"I have always believed in the Law of Attraction. However, I was truly amazed at the results I saw in a matter of four weeks.   At least half of the treasures I had on my map materialized! I couldn't believe it!  Thank you."

 - Kim, Honolulu, Hawaii

"A must attend for everyone with a dream."

 - Charles. Consultant. Hawaii
"Barbara's obvious skill and and joy in teaching gets her message across to her audience powerfully and masterfully."

 - Jennifer, Facilitated Learning & Life Coach Melbourne, Australia
"Barbara's powerful guidance, helped me define my goals and find my true passion."

 - Susie. Health & Fitness Educator. CEO.  Hong Kong

"I received a new perspective of how our subconscious can either build or destroy."

 - Ed, National V.P., Huntington Beach, California USA
"Barbara, your positive energy and passion is contagious"

Rosalie.  Independant Consultant. California.USA
"Treasure Mapping is one of the most profound methods I've experienced for bringing dreams into reality."

 - Be Love., Actress. California USA
"Barbara, I just had to tell you, my new office is the exact one I have on my Treasure Map but in a better location!"

 - Maria, CEO., Phoenix, Arizona
"Even older people need to be reminded to have dreams and set goals"

 - June, GrandMother. Melbourne, Australia
"I have found the perfect way to focus on my future with my treasure map, and after only a couple of weeks I am seeing amazing results.  I am now helping my grandsons with their treasure maps."

 - Linda, Mother of three, Grandmother of two. Melbourne, Australia
"I wanted to create my Treasure Map and knew I would not make the time unless I attended the workshop. It was great!"    

 - Sunainika - Melbourne,  Australia

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