Vision Boards: Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success
Barbara Pellegrino

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Learn how to make your own powerful Vision board as seen on Oprah, in 7 quick & easy steps!
Do you set goals and intentions but never manage to fulfill them because you are too busy, stressed and overwhelmed? Do you want to understand how the law of attraction really works? What are the missing secrets?

Make Your Wishes Come True with a Vision Board

Come to an Oahu workshop

Create Your Vision Board & Treasure Map Your Way To Success...

Day Classes: 

Click here: Hawaii Women's Business Center
Call Now:
526 1001 or email

Where:  HWBC. 1041 Nuuanu Ave., Ste. A., Honolulu.

Part One & Two: Law of Attraction - Creating the magnet.

Creating Maps / Vision Boards & the Art of Manifesting.  

Part Three: Advanced Manifesting Skills Workshop - Enhancing your magnet - personal resonance - for faster results.

When: Call Now: 808 526 1001

Cost: Buy all 3 sessions and receive the discounted rate of $110

Evening Classes:

Where:  University of Hawaii, Windward Community College,

               45-720 Kea’ahala Road, Kaneohe, HI. 96744 .

 To register now, call: (808) 235 7433

Part 1: Law of attraction & Making Maps 

Time:   5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Cost:    Part One $55.00 (Full Series $99.00)

Part 2:  Art of Manifesting;  Law of Attraction- Practical Skills.

Time:       6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. 

Cost:         Part Two  $35.00

Part 3:  The Advanced Skills for Speedy Manifesting & Personal Resonance. (Pre Requisite:  Bring YOUR completed Vision Board to class)

This class is available to you if you have a Treasure Map or Vision board

(even if you have not studied with Barbara previously).

Time:         6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 

Cost:          Part Three $45.00

Special: $99 for  the whole series Parts 1, 2, & 3

What do you get when you attend ?

         Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success – Visionboard Workshop – 7 Easy Steps:

         Parts 1 & 2.

Do you make promises to yourself but never manage to fulfill them because you are just too busy and life takes over?

START getting RESULTS now!

 Come and create your own personal Treasure Map to take home.

The workshop is powerful, inspiring, fun and easy, and you will learn how to manifest your business and personal goals with speed and accuracy (even the ones you thought you gave up).

Topics include:

           Creating your personal powerful Treasure Map/Vision board to take home.

           Understanding the components of a successful and happy life.  

           Learning the real reason for your goals, dreams and desires.

           Discover how your thoughts influence the law of attraction and affect reality.

            Why your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy.

            How clarity leads to power and the correct way to ask for what you want.  

            Practical methods of utilizing and harnessing the Universal Law of Attraction.

            Save time in accomplishing your dreams.

             Advanced Treasure Mapping/Vision Board Class:

             Part 3.

Pre Requisite:  Bring YOUR completed Vision Board to class.

Hurry, Seating is limited!

This class is available to you if you have a Treasure Map or Visionboard even if you have not studied with Barbara previously).

Topics include:

*  Fine tuning your board.  Discover how you can enhance you board for quicker, easier and better results.

* Understanding the power of Self Talk.  Programming for your success.

* S.M.A.R.T.  How to ascertain if you goals are smart and aligned with your life values.

* Dissolving Negativity.   Especially from others.

* Understanding the differences between affirmations, declarations and vows.

* Visualizations.  Sub-modalities of belief.

* VAKS.  A technique for whole brain & neurological integration.  Consciously reprogram and overcome resistance   Includes brain balancing techniques.

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From the reefs of Australia to the rainbows of Hawaii, Barbara Pellegrino trained in Mind Power and an NLP facilitator and trainer, has been living her dream life since 1994 and will guide you through 7 easy and time saving steps to creating your (Vision board ) Treasure Map and making Your Dreams come true!

Call now to register and create your Treasure Map to Success and start attracting what you have only dreamed of until now!

What others are saying . . .

“Barbara, I just had to tell you, my new office is the exact one I have on my Treasure Map but in a better location!”

Maria, CEO, City Scarves, Phoenix,  Arizona  

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