Vision Boards: Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success
Barbara Pellegrino

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  Barbara Pellegrino
Are You Attracting What You Want?
Barbara Pellegrino

Are you attracting exactly what you want in life?  How do some people achieve what they want quickly and continue to set and achieve goals while other people struggle to achieve their dreams and desires even after they learn about the Law of Attraction, even after creating a Treasure map/Vision board?

Are some people luckier than others? No!  In fact  “according to  Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire in England who conducted a 10 year study of luck, “people’s thoughts and behavior are often responsible for their good luck and good fortune. ..... lucky people are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self fulfilling prophecies via positive expectations and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.”  
Excerpt from “All the Money in the World” by Peter W.  Bernstein & Annalyn Swan

It sounds like the difference between lucky people and unlucky people is that the lucky ones understand and live the basic principles of The Law of Attraction. They have supportive belief systems, which include the pictures in their minds, about their own success.

But you say I think positive, I have a written and clearly defined goal. You may also have your Treasure Map..... and like many people, maybe some areas in your life ARE fantastic...yet, other areas  may still be challenging.

As you know the real manifesting power of your mind is the SUBconscious, which has been pre programmed, by all your past experiences and how you feel about them.  So, although two people might have very similar pictures in their conscious minds, one person believes they deserve to be successful while the other is full of self doubts and subconsciously doesn’t really believe they deserve to live the life they envision. 

Therefore it is vitally important that you keep working on your subconscious mind through the Treasure Maps/Vision Boards, Visualizations and Affirmations, until you absolutely believe at the subconscious level that you deserve everything on your Treasure Map.

Your subconscious mind works in pictures not words, it changes each word to a picture.  And each word can conjure up different images to different people.
Have you ever been on a picnic? What memories do you have about picnics?  Are they wonderful, romantic, fun and laughter filled events or are your memories of the bugs and soggy sandwiches and hard rocky grounds? One of my students said “I always think of the fun we had at the beach and not the sand in my potato salad... “

If your conscious mind THINKS, its thinking positive and focusing on a goal, the sub conscious mind may have a very different picture in its memory banks, and guess which mind has the greater power.?  Yes, the Subconscious !

This is why it is so beneficial to learn how to create a clearly defined Treasure Map / Vision Board of your goals, dreams and desires, as it gives your subconscious mind the CORRECT pictures and you will discover how powerfully you can achieve your goals when your subconscious mind is aligned with your conscious mind.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said many, many years ago
 “You’ll see it when you believe it”

And that is the power of a Treasure Map over a written list of goals.  The subconscious mind is influenced and re- programmed by the pictures it sees repetitively and daily. This process can be accelerated by learning the Mind skills that I teach in The Art of Manifesting and even more so by using my 30 Day Accelerator Mind Training program. 

Regularly practicing these mind skills like visualization, affirmations and listening to and refining your own self talk will fast track you to your goals, dreams and desires. ( More about the power of the spoken word next newsletter)

From the reefs of Australia to the rainbows of Hawaii Barbara is a speaker, trainer, author and coach. She travels extensively and presents her workshop  “Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success”,  in Hawaii. Mainland USA and internationally. She is renowned for teaching people how to make their dreams come true.  Barbara began her quest for living the life she loves, after studying and then teaching Mind Powers, she studied “Money and You” with Robert Kiyosaki and then earned her certification as a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  facilitator and trainer. She continues in her quest to bring you the best!

Jumping for Joy
by Barbara Pellegrino

Are you still jumping for joy?

Would you like a really practical and fun way to harness the Law of Attraction and magnetize your goals, dreams and desires easily? You have probably seen and heard recent DVD’s like “The Secret” or “What the bleep?” state that everything in the Universe is energy and like attracts like.

What exactly does that mean? Like attracts like? When they say opposites attract? Well, if you really examine, the “opposites” attract theory you will find at their core, these things that are meant to be opposite are really the same! Magnets are still metal, just one end has a positive charge, the other end has a negative charge, but it’s still a metal magnet attracting metals.

You may be attracted to your opposite, but you will find you have more similarities than opposites. In this Universe you cannot attract the opposite. You will always attract to you, the people, situations and circumstances according to your own personal vibration. The energy you send out comes back to you, the thoughts and feelings you experience many times over and/or more intensely, will in fact come back to you. So how do you attract what you really want?

One fun way is to JUMP FOR JOY!

I observed a small child recently in a store. As his father was about to give him a sweet treat the child jumped for joy, clapped his hands, giggled laughed and was unashamedly eager to receive the treat! When he received it, he gobbled it up joyously, still extremely excited, happy to experience the gift and buoyant in his energy.

His happiness and delight, charmed and amused all of us who stood there and watched this sweet innocent child. Can you remember the last time you were so excited about receiving something that you literally jumped for joy? I can and it wasn’t too long ago! I get that excited every time I run a Treasure Mapping class because I know what treats my students will be attracting to themselves.

Energy is catchy! Your energy sends out a resonance in waves ( imagine a rippling effect) and other people are always affected, just as you are affected by others’ energy or moods. Only those who are well trained and understand the Law of Attraction can avoid being affected by other peoples moods.

The Universe responds to all the energy you put out. Your personal vibration, your resonance (your predominant thoughts and feelings) is what is responsible for what you experience in your reality not your wishes and hopes and longings. Like attracts like!

So why don’t you start now to jump for joy? Look at your Treasure Map and celebrate it, jump for joy, enhance and increase your personal vibration to attract to you more things that you really would “jump for joy” about.

Please send this to your friends now and have more people jumping for joy in anticipation of and celebrating their dreams and goals with you!

Barbara Pellegrino is an NLP trainer who runs workshops, and coaches the Law of attraction and Mind Power incorporating a visual Goal setting tool called a Treasure Map or Vision Board. Visit her website to discover more:

Barbara Pellegrino


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