Vision Boards: Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success
Barbara Pellegrino

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About... Barbara Pellegrino
Since 1994 I have been  living my Greatest of Dreams, beyond what I had thought was possible.  Even though I had a great career and was living a good life ... my biggest dreams hadn't come true, until I made myself a treasure map.
 A visual representation of the way I wished my life to become. Once I made My Treasure Map and applied the Mind Power Skills I had been teaching, that's when the real magic happened. 

The Secret DVD talks about the Universal Law of Attraction and how to make it work for you!  It works for me in Wonderful ways, some people think I am lucky, but my closest of friends know that I practice what I teach -
HOW to harness the Universal Law of Attraction and turn dreams into reality.

The work involved, to make your dreams come true, is no where near the great rewards you will receive, once you know how to create a treasure map and focus your mind.

I do not know of another personal development tool that offers the rewards in far greater proportions, than the effort put in.

Itís like finding buried treasures and great riches, your life will sparkle and it will come about so subtly and simply you will wonder why you didnít do it earlier.

Create your treasure map and begin living the life of your dreams,

Barbara Pellegrino
View of Hawaii from my window
This is beautiful Hawaii and the views I see when I am not travelling.
Hidden Hawaii - It really does exist
Hidden Hawaii - it really is a dream come true!


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